Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Mardi Gras Workshop!

That's right! 
Mack & Momma will be holding a
Mardi Gras Workshop & Special Luncheon
at Queen Bee Art Cottage and Retreat
up in Olympia, Washington.
Class will be Saturday, January 26th from 10-3
with optional Mardi Gras Lunch
including Gumbo and Kings Cake!
We will be creating festive masks and a choice of accessory.
Mask Workshop Fee is = $75.00
Mardi Gras Luncheon = $15.00
*In addition, we will have a
Mardi Gras Magic Class from 6pm - 9pm
where we will create assorted Festive accessories such as
Septors, Feathered Headpieces, Guantlettes(finger-less gloves)
Fans, Feathered Chestpiece, Tiny Crowns, and ?
This class includes Appetizers!
Mardi Gras Magic Class = $30.00
Take a peek at some of the mask examples:

As with all Momma's classes, all materials
and tools will be provided.
There will be a wonderful selection of materials
and supplies for you to choose from
when creating your own original Mask.
And if you choose to break tradition and
create a Pink Princess mask or an Egyption Sphinx,
that is your choice!
There are no rules accept that you have to have fun!
For more information and directions to the
Queen Bee Art Cottage go to:
I will post more examples and information as I am able.
Come join the fun!
xoxo, Chris/Momma

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Makin' Mad Hatter Hats!

Yesterday a sweet little gal named Savannah,
celebrated her 12th birthday with a class at
Art Circus Studio!
This was a test class.
An abbreviated version of my
Mack Hatter Hats.
There are still several improvements
I will be making but soon it will be
perfected and I plan to eventually have
kits for sale on-line.
The girls did such a great job
and we all had a blast!
Here's what they started with...

And here is what they created:
 Birthday girl!

I am so proud of these girls and want to thank them again
for participating in my test class.
Xoxo, Chris/Momma