Sunday, April 29, 2012


And wait 'til you see what I've been up to!
After 5 days at Terri Brush's Art Camp and the Plucky Maidens Junkfest,
It's finally time to share a little:
Busy creating. That's the back of my camp sister's head (Debra Welsh).
Such a sweetheart!

Kristen Robinson teaching some resin pouring techniques.

Boxes from our cigar-box exchange.
"Wow", these girls are so clever and creative!

Terri Brush made this one, of course.

I made this one with vintage mermaids on all sides and inside the lid.
Now that I've seen everyone else's, I feel like I should have done more.

This one was from my camp sister (Debra Welsh).
It had a travel theme which is totally me and you should
have seen all the goodies inside. Assorted craft elements,
slipper socks, scarf, Queen coffee mug, and a flowering plant.
I felt so spoiled! Thanks again, sweet Deb!

Here's the table full of original jewelry made
by Ruth Rae and Kristen Robinson,
two of our three teachers at art camp.

Just a couple of the many pieces I created there.

Wish I had gotten more pictures but I was so busy making art
that I didn't want to stop to take photo's.
Or I was weighted to my chair from eating so much delicious
food Joy Bayer lovingly prepared for us.
Thanks Joy (Auntie's) and all the camp helpers, Ruth & Kristen
and a very special "Thank you" to Terri Brush
for putting on this wonderful event.
Love you all!
Christina Kuntz/Momma

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