Monday, April 30, 2012


Here's May and part of June. We will be adding more and remember
you can arrange a Private Class for 4 or more at no additional charge.
Private Classes are great for celebrations of any kind, birthdays, showers,
bridal preparations, girl-time, gifts or just because!
We can create a class for you or you can choose from our
scheduled classes, past and present.

Christina will provide each student with a wire lampshade frame,
your canvas for this creative project.
Come learn how to turn this simple item of scrap into
your own original piece Romantic Art with vintage fabrics,
lace & trims, fabric flowers (See May 10th class), charms,
crystals, keys, buttons, photo's, etc.
Your shade can be added to a lamp or converted into
a hanging candelier by adding a chained votive.
The possibilites are endless!
All materials provided. "Plus Snacks!"
Saturday, May 5th from 11am - 3pm
#LSR   $48.00

from Rag Ribbon & Scraps
In this unique class, you will learn to make a variety of
fabric flowers from rag ribbon and scrap fabrics, freshwater pearls,
feathers, beads and more.
These flowers can be used to embellish frames,
lampshades (See May 5th class),
curtains, pillows, as hair accessories, brooches
or to embellish clothing. Even as a bow for a gift box.
You will be able to turn your pieces into hair clips or brooches
to take home with you along with the knowledge to
create more on your own.
All materials are included.
*Snacks Provided!*
Thursday, May 10th from 6pm - 9pm
#LSR  $31.00


In this creative 5 hour workshop,
you will learn basic metal etching and patina
along with some wire-wrapping to create your
very own nesting necklace.
Assorted metals, wire, freshwater pearls
and other beads, vintage keys, charms &
crystals, fabrics and chain, will all be
a part of this piece.
All materials provided.
*Snacks Too!*
Saturday,May 19th from 11am - 4pm
#NNWS  $62.00

Learn to make a basic wire-wrapped nest then solder it
and add eggs of pearls or other semi-precious stones.
This piece will be used in your choice of a bracelet or necklace
to take home with you. We will be doing simple soldering
so no experience is required.
All materials included.
*Snacks, too!*
Wed, May 23rd from 5pm - 9pm
#FNWCM  $54.00


Create a fun necklace with assorted vintage
& found elements such as keys, buttons, stones,
feathers, shells, tokens, and other scraps.
Simple soldering will be done on your choice of crystal
or gem. There is no need for any experience.
All materials will be provided but feel free to bring
anything you think you might like to add to your piece.
*Snacks included, also!*
(This class is limited to 8 students at a time.)
Saturday, June 5th from 6pm - 9:30pm


You decide whether you would like to create either a necklace
or a bracelet. Then you will learn to make wire-wrapped nests
which will then be soldered and filled with eggs of
pearls and gem stones. Your nest will be attached to your
necklace or bracelet which you will have created from
velvets, ribbons, scrap silks, leather, chains, vintage buttons,
beads, etc.
All materials will be provided for this workshop and as always,
additional supplies will be available for purchase.
*Lunch included!*
(This class is limited to 8 students at a time.)
Saturday, June 9th from 10am - 5pm
#NFJ  $88.00

To sign up for classes you can either come into the studio or
Main Street Vintage or
email us at:
or send a facebook message to:
Christina Kuntz
or call
And remember,
we have all sorts of creative supplies for purchase in our studio.
Hope to see you all soon!
xoxo, Chris/Momma & Kimberly

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